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Motivations Fitness, Corrective Exercise and Personal Training is to provide safe and effective fitness training by implementing specific exercises to help our clients reach their maximum potential to have a healthier and pain free life. Our style of training has been coined " functional" training which encompasses: weight management,  core, balance, flexibility, strength training and cardio training. 



Our training methods designed exclusively with your privacy in mind. We GUARANTEED your results will come faster without all the distractions that come along with larger health clubs. So don’t worry about if you aren’t doing an exercise correctly, or one of the many health club employees trying to sell you something every time you enter the facility. At Motivations Fitness, we implement 5 keys factors of fitness, if followed correctly, will guaranteed your success in 90 Days.



Squats to Overhead Shoulder Press




 Jameel McGregor ISSA CFT SPN
Jameel McGregor CFT, SPN, the owner of Motivations Fitness is a North Carolina Community Fitness Leader. Known as “The Reverend of Fitness", Jameel has helped many people understand that taking care of their "temple(body)" is what helps to fight against many dis-eases and ailments in society today. Being in the Fitness Industry for four years, Jameel has helped Ken Canion (North Carolina contestant for the Biggest Loser 2006) with his bootcamp “Greatest lost for the greatest gains". Click to read bio